Feel like taking a bit of a browse on the internet or researching a farming idea, these websites might not jump out at your on a typical search engine but are handy sites to know. There is something for everyone here whether you are the seaoned farmer or just purchased some rural land.


Spatial Information Exchange
Type in your address to get an aerial view of your property, great for developing your property management plan. Many other site features.

Efficient Farming
View the weekly livestock commodity prices and market news.

A free online radio providing information for small farmers and hobby farner. listen to previous articles from the library collection. A great way to hear about the experiences of farmers covering a wide range of topics from livestock health to new farming ideas.
Rural Residential Living Guide
This is a helpful reference for anyone new to living on rural property giving you an overview of property management.
Elders Weather
Locate your district fro a 28 or 12 months rain forecast, view synopic charts and satelite images or updates on current weather.

Bureau of Meterology
as weel as the usual weather information, this site also includes detils on frost potential and wind forecast. If you are located in close proximity of a wheather station you can use the weather observations to complete your chemical log.
NSW DPI - Agriculture
This is a good starting point to locate information on agricultural practices and livestock care. They cover more topics than I can list.
Austrialian Government Agricultural Portal
This site links to other Australian Government websites, state and federal providing information for the agricultural industry.




Page Updated: 1 October, 2009